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Considered for several years now as one of the wealthiest countries in the world, member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and of G8, Canada offers to its residents not only the benefits of a highly developed economy, but also the warmest atmosphere you can find in a multicultural and interracial society, highlighted by the respect given to human rights and all other fundamental liberties.
Located in the north extremity of the American continent, Canada is the second country in the world as surface. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the East, by the Pacific in the West and the Arctic Ocean in the North, Canada offers an absolutely spectacular view. Its nature of breathtaking beauty, combined with a modern architecture and the pulse of great metropolis like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, make Canada a place desired by many...
Constituted mostly from immigrants, Canada is the dream that became true for those looking to live in a superior society no matter from the point of view considered: social, economic, cultural or politic. With a long history of immigration and always encouraging diversity, Canada includes the most diverse ethnical groups where any and each of these groups maintains their own cultural identity, contributing in this way to the evolution of this extraordinary country.

Canada not only respects the freedom of expression, but celebrates the multiculturalism like nowhere in the world.

The number of new immigrants continues to increase with every year. As a country that relies on its immigrants, Canada opens the door for opportunities to a good life, to business and industry growth.

Over the years, immigrants with their skills, education and culture, transformed Canada from a rural country to a primary urban one.


A federation with 10 provinces and 3 territories, Canada has its capital at Ottawa. Initially constituted through the British North American Act from 1867, Canada is governed as a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. The head of the government is the Prime Minister. The head of the state is Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britain.

Canada is a bilingual country, having both English and French as its official languages. The actual population is of 32.5 millions inhabitants.


As an industrialized and technologically advanced country, Canada is a primordial exporter of energy due to its considerable resources of oil and gas, as well as nuclear and hydroelectric energy. Its diverse economy is based on the abundance of natural resources and commerce. Canada is one of the world’s most important exporters of agricultural products and also excels in the logging and oil industries.
The main partner of Canada is United States, with whom Canada has a history of a strong and complex business relationship.


There are many things to be said about Canada, about Niagara or the Great Lakes, about its economy or its cultural diversity.  But we can say with no hesitation that the new immigrants will be encountered by one of the most beautiful and friendly country of the world...

A good life, prosperity, health and welfare, the right to education are just a few words that describe Canada as the BEST country to live in!
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